Friday, January 3, 2014

Ace Adopts SolidWorks

We listen to our customers

So says Kevin Bailey, VP of Engineering at Ace Metal Crafts, on the decision Ace made four months ago to adopt SolidWorks across the organization. “In fact, most of our customers use SolidWorks, so it just made sense for us to be on the same platform.” He added, “With a common 3D software, SolidWorks enables us to communicate engineer to engineer seamlessly. We can use our customers’ native files without having to incur extra time to save as a different file format. And if we have a question, we simply email native files back and forth and never lose file attributes in translation.” Kevin describes SolidWorks as a win-win. “It gives us work efficiencies and cost efficiencies from plug-ins that third party software developers provide for manufacturing.” The gains accrue to Ace and to its customers as well.  

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